Unique.Education is a commercial project, focused on the transferring quality knowledge to the students all over the world and to raise an interest in the teacher and his professional activities.


Platform presents learning programs - video lectures by masters in their spheres.


Unique.Education provides a platform for lecturing, business process management: determining the topic and volume of the course, calculating the cost of the lesson / course depending on the product's uniqueness and current market prices, recommendations for optimizing the process of filming and editing video lectures, finding clients, promoting.


The educational platform is a long-term project designed to preserve and transfer unique knowledge to future generations.


The project philosophy is reaching a qualitatively new level of teaching and improving the welfare of the teachers.

Consistently high quality of teaching material:

professional shooting with 2 cameras, photo equipment (studio lighting, stand etc);

professional makeup;

professional hairstyle;

selection of clothes;

professional video editing;

splitting the video by 30 minutes;

promo video presentation of the course 1-5 minutes.


We are pleased to invite you to the project for making an invaluable contribution to the education of a new generation!